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Transit Goals

  1. VICA will support the installation of commuter rail systems along planned transit corridors in the San Fernando Valley in order to equalize and better connect the Valley’s transit infrastructure with other Metro systems throughout Los Angeles County.

  2. VICA will lead the effort to modernize the Metro Orange Line to accommodate the increasing ridership of the Valley’s only existing Metro line.

  3. VICA will support a faster investment timeline and additional financing for Measure R and other critical projects on the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Long-Range Transportation Plan if the expenditure plan appropriately finances and schedules projects in the greater San Fernando Valley.

  4. VICA will play an active role in assisting with the planning process for the $1 billion in funding for the 405 Corridor Mass Transit project through the Sepulveda Pass as part of Measure R and America’s Fast Forward.

  5. VICA will lead the effort to renovate key sections of the 101, 405 and 5 freeways to relieve bottlenecks, increase roadway safety and enable quicker, more efficient transportation between the San Fernando Valley, downtown Los Angeles and the Westside.

  6. VICA will advocate for the overhaul of all City of Los Angeles streets to ensure maintenance is fiscally sustainable and reduce vehicle damage resulting from potholes and deficient roadway quality.

  7. VICA will support walkable communities by advocating for reduced barriers and increased incentives for development within one mile of major transit hubs.

  8. VICA will advocate for a standard exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for transit projects, based on the environmental and traffic relief resulting from speedy completion of these projects.

  9. VICA will support federal reauthorization of Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) to maintain federal funding for surface transportation programs and provide certainty to state and local jurisdictions to invest in regional connectivity.

  10. VICA will call on Congress to create America Fast Forward Transportation Bonds to stimulate greater investment in our nation’s transportation sector, which faces a rapidly dissolving Highway Trust Fund. Congress has previously authorized over $35 billion of similar tax credit bonds to improve initiatives as varied as public education, renewable energy generation and forestry conservation.

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