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SFV Transportation Priorities




Metro is considering a potential ballot measure in 2016 that would pay for transportation projects through a sales tax. The Valley on Track coalition advocates for the construction of the following projects through this measure:


  • CONVERT the Metro Orange Line into light rail


  • CONSTRUCT the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor as light rail


  • CONNECT the Valley and the Westside with a rail tunnel through the Santa Monica Mountains



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Join the Coalition!


Valley on Track is dedicated to improving upon the region’s most pressing transportation issues. Our ground mobility must be optimized to enhance the business climate, public health and quality of life for San Fernando Valley residents.


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Metro Staff Releases Final Recommendation for the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan


On June 20, Metro staff released its final recommendation called the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, ensuring that the Valley receives its fair share of local control funding.

Click here for the final plan.


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